Senior UAV pilot

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We strongly believe in the value of the SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd. company. Our experience with DJI drones dates back to 2010 and today, with over 10 years of experience behind us, we are able to help our customers in choosing the best drone.

Project Manager | OP. Manager, Dron-e

Dron-e is always looking for talented people to become members of his team. We understand that productive people are always a good addition to our organization. So, if you have the drone experience and the passion to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, join!

Department: Survey & mapping
Project Location(s): Catania, Sicily (IT)
Education: Technical diploma
Compensation: To be agreed


Candidates can expect regular contact with clients, a role in business development and an operational role during pre-flight and flight missions:

  • Arranging client coordinator;
  • Mission planning;
  • Creating reports & Gathering Data;
  • Assist with job preparation such as creation of RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement);
  • Analyzing Data and understanding results;
  • Obtain flight authorizations;
  • Conduct drone operations in high-risk plants;
  • Perform Post operations management, including flight documentation;


  • Ability to operate effectively as part of a team;
  • Great interpersonal communication skills;
  • Keen eye for spotting data trends;
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to operate complex equipment;
  • A keen grasp of information technology;
  • Knowledge of photography;
  • Knowledge of airspace management & current drone regulations;
  • Knowledge/experience of land surveying;
  • Professional, able to interact with vendors/clients;
  • Positive, “can do” attitude.
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