UAS is the best choice, when there are a lot of data collection points within a short distance or the environment is dangerous, dirty or confined. Most of the visual inspections at height now all take place through drones.

Our expert pilots, able to flying in spaces where the GPS is denied, very close to the subject and with very high resolution cameras, are able to collect unique data in a short time.

Dron-e is able to conduct close visual inspections to detect anomalies on telco towers, power lines, tanks, flues, pipes, floors and many other applications that could be dangerous or too expensive for humans.

The inspection can be both visual and thermal and can involve infrastructures, confined spaces or structural elements.

We are also able to offer our customers software for cataloging and data analysis capable of exploiting AI algorithms for the recognition of defects.

Inspection services

Power grid and trasmission

Thermal, visual and lidar inspection of power lines and structural elements.

Roads, Bridges and infrastructure

Visual and structural inspections of various critical infrastructures.

Wind Turbine Generator (WTG)

Offshore and onshore blade specialists.


Cloud-based telco tower management, inspection and audit.

Offshore decks e pipework

We are able to close in on areas of interest and conduct close visual inspections.

Flare stacks

We can inspect flares, both onshore and offshore, whilst they are live avoiding the need to shut down the plant.

SaaS Platform for Various Industries

Power Lines & Telco

Autonomous drone & IoT technology with AI processing & analytics – Visual, thermal condition based maintenance inspection – LiDar based inspection for vegetation management

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Visual inspections of various critical infrastructures – Inspection and monitoring platform – Defect marking and integrate with inspection and maintenance workflows

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Solar Plant

Cloud-based solar panel inspection & management solutions – Module inspection and tracking – Thermal inspection – Shading analysis

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We take care of everything

Drone laws are constantly changing, trust us to feel comfortable wherever you want to fly.

Inspections in confined spaces

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