Thermographic and High-Definition Inspection – Solar site – Paglialonga

As more and more companies invest into green technologies like photovoltaics, it has become crucial to develop advanced monitoring and troubleshooting systems.

Modern photovoltaics panel are able to convert between 20 and 25% of the received sunlight into electricity, however, this efficiency is only possible when the panel are operating in certain temperature ranges and are perfectly clean.

Each panel, due to microscopic imperfections and weather related damages will eventually degrade and some of its cells will stop producing electricity and start converting it into heat, however replacing every single panel each year is not cost-effective nor enviromentally acceptable. This kind of damages are invisible to the naked eyes and can degrade the panel production, in some case even halving it, but are clearly evident during thermal inspections.

Thanks to an automated analysis algorithm, it is possible to generate reports about the health state of the solar plant and report to the owners which panels need to be replaced.  Every report, alongside its thermal and RGB images, is stored and catalogued in a dedicated cloud service, where the user can monitor its entire portfolio.

UAV thermal inspection are also helpful when quick intervents are needed, for example after a storm.

In this example, a 1.2MW plant has been inspected in just below 30 minutes, and it is possible to survey up to 20MW/day.

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